Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who is building the Church?

There is no doubt there is much we can learn from others about better ways to communicate with unbelievers and reach out to them with the Gospel. Over the years I have benefited from the stimulation of godly men about finding ways to impact the culure, all the time making sure that we presuppose that it was Jesus who said he would build his church.

Hindsight as they say is 100% reliable, and we need to reflect upon history and the methods of man as he sought, sometimes from very honorable motives of seeking to see the Lord's Church both grow and impact our culture. However the dangers are very real as we readily see the distortion that happened with the market driven approach to Church, replacing the pastor / elder with a CEO.

Accompanying this market approach has been the replacing of expositional preaching with stories and "entertainment". Anyone, well almost anyone :) can keep a crowd and attract people if they make sure they are tolerant of everything and don't offend them and tickle their ears with positive sermonettes.

Yesterday I read an article on by Hal Seed. It was called "Seven Keys to a great Church-Wide Campaign". He opens with "Successful campaigns all start in one place: the heart of the pastor, If he's excited, the church will get excited."Sorry, I would have thought that the one place it begins is being convicted of God to have His concern for the lost and that this is what engenders excitement and enthusiasm in his outlook.Seed does tell us some practical things to consider in organising a Church-wide campaign, however the tenor of the article is troublesome in that it leaves out prayer and devotion to the Word.

Have we too readily opted for man made solutions for getting people in the door of the Church and in so doing effectively made the church assembly primarily a place of evangelism instead of one of edifying and building up the saints for the work of ministry?
What are your thoughts?

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