Friday, January 30, 2009

Atonement – Ransom and Revelation 5

As I have been reading through Grant Osborne’s commentary on the book of Revelation in preparation to properly critique Driscoll’s sermon on Revelation 5 I came across a great statement and a timely reminder from Rev 5:9.
Sure the idea is found elsewhere, and I could have or should have known this from a simple word study. Still it is a timely reminder in a day when so many question so much of the bible's teaching on the Atonement, that here in Revelation it is also so clearly put forth.
The sacrifice of the Lamb has also purchased a people for God. Combining the imagery of sacrifice and commerce is a centrepiece of NT soteriology. Fiorenza notes, this verb is a commercial metaphor used for the freeing of a prisoner of war from bondage. Jesus death has been a ransom payment through which God has purchased a people for Himself. ( see 1 Cor 6:19-20; 7:23; 2 Pet 2:1 Rev 14:3,4. ) The ransom payment is specified 'by your blood' highlighting the sacrificial element.” Pg 260.

So much for those that glibly speak of “the death of Christ at the Father’s hand as divine child abuse.” If they are not really being glib and instead are teaching that this is distasteful, then yes it is, your and my sin is totally offensive to God because it is rebellion against Him, your Creator. I think however that given so much pontificating and rejection of clear teachings on the Atonement in Scripture they are just being downright rebellious. They say they are just trying to advance the debate but they ignore a history of theology that has worked this issue through carefully.

There are many different images for the Atonement in Scripture, and ransom is surely one of them not to be neglected.

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