Thursday, March 18, 2010

Atheists trying to get an upper hand

Over at Trevin Wax's blog he quotes from Daily Mail online, from an article about Peter Hitchens' conversion as follows:

Why is there such a fury against religion now? Because religion is the one reliable force that stands in the way of the power of the strong over the weak. The one reliable force that forms the foundation of the concept of the rule of law.

The one reliable force that restrains the hand of the man of power. In an age of powerworship, the Christian religion has become the principal obstacle to the desire of earthly utopians for absolute power.

A very interesting obeservation by Peter Hitchens' the brother of an avowed atheist and writer, Christopher.

Read the article for encouragement.


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Pastor Andy said...

You know, I was wondering the other day, do atheists also attack people of other gods, or are we Christians the only ones so "blessed" to have to deal with them? Your quote sheds a little light on that.

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