Monday, June 7, 2010

Secular Humanism's inconsistent Worldview in regards to morality

I recently listened to a talk by Dr. Phil Fernandes { #36562.mp3 lecture } where he observes that the humanistic manifesto of secular humanists makes clear that they are not consistent with their own stated Worldview.
For example, they assert that all moral values are autonomous - that is, each person decides for themselves what is right or wrong, what is moral or not. Then just a few paragraphs later they state that they are "for any sexual act between consenting adults." This seems very open and even handed, not at all like those Christians who are frigid and haters of sex.
The impression is that they are not against anything, after all, their moral values are decided upon by the individual and yet this provides a dilemma for them. They phrased their statement very carefully. They are against rape, that is the act which involves the nonconsent by some adult, and it is only OK when between adults, sex between adults and children as the movement NAMBIA advocates is wrong on their Worldview. On this we applaud them for we too agree that such things are wrong. But here's the kicker, Why, given that each person decides their own moral values individually is rape and sex with children wrong! On their worldview they say something is universally wrong yet they have asserted that one's moral values are determined individually.
We need to push them about this inconsistency because their worldview doesn't allow this declaration, even if it's silently inferred, that somethings are Universally wrong.

Trying to ground morality in either the individual or the community is a dead end. The grounding of moral values in the individual as expressed above is either emotive, based on emotions or perhaps the same thing, just asserting your own preferences. We will speak of the societal based morality another time. For now we can see the atheist who proudly adheres to the humanist manifesto is in a sticky situation.

So all is not well with Atheism as Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens would declare!

God Bless,


Jessica said...

I often struggle with the understanding of the Secular ways and beliefs, but I came upon your blog by doing an academic search on Christian Worldview. I definitely feel a better understanding and can not wait to read more on your thoughts in this area.

Gary Wearne said...

Thanks Jessica,
I hope that what is talked about here will stretch your thinking beyond what I say and will be of benefit to you.
God bless.

Tilley said...

My friend is a secular humanist. Any idea how I can reach him with the gospel of Christ?

Gary Wearne said...

Tilley, try asking them what they believe and what are the important things they would give their life for or never surrender. Then ask them how on their worldview they can account for those things. that is how do such values and realities come about? Are they just their opinion, and if so then why object when someone else has a different opinion? And don't some of these realities exist outside of what they think of them? that is, are not they true for everyone? eg gravity. personhood, love?
that's a start, be open and share how the christian worldview, the bible accounts for these things.
God bless