Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Intelligent Design and the evidence for evolution

In Expelled - No Intelligence allowed, Ben Stein interviews Stephen C Meyer.
Stephen says
For every argument Darwin put forward for his two major ideas there's an evidence based counter argument

That really blows out of the water the refrain you often hear from evolutionists that the facts are clear. Consider how this is the stated opinion of Richard Dawkins.
The truth is that there are no brute facts, no self-interpreting fact as such, rather we interpret the fact by our worldview. Watch the video, it is challenging.


Human Ape said...

Ben Stein is an actor and Stephen C Meyer has never made a scientific discovery in his life.

Your religion is in big trouble if it depends on the denial of scientific facts.

I've been asking evolution deniers to read and/or listen to this Rhode Island radio speech. Biology professor Ken Miller explains why Christians are making a mistake when they don't accept modern science.

If there's anything that might make Christians understand that denying evolution is a waste of a life, it is this speech by Ken Miller.

It's the most popular post on my blog. Please read it or listen to it.

Gary Wearne said...

"Human Ape" I will certainly listen to the speech, however let me just say you seem to have missinterpreted my comments.
I did not base my religion upon the denial of scientific facts, I said there are no brute facts, that is all facts are interpreted within a particular worldview, and the question is then does your worldview account for things like reason and fact and value and morality and so on.
As for not "accepting modern Science", that is a pretty broad statement to tar Christians with. I actually love science yet I think the conclusions and some theories are unsupported by the "evidence". A good course of reading in "the Philosophy of Science" will reveal that the presuppositions of Science acclaimed by Scientists who want to declare Science deals only with facts as though they settle the case once for all reveal a naive thinking at best. And Dawkins himself is one of those whose statements in this regard are either deceitful or ignorant. These are Tough words but not mere opinion. The secular work on this is out there for those interested to study it.
I look forward to listening to the speech by Miller.