Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Osama Bin Laden a Narcissist

So much care needs to be taken when surfing the blogosphere. It is so easy to read a quote about something someone else has written out of context isn't it?
Take this quote for example,

Most of us, thank God, will never approach the wickedness he unleashed on the world. But all of us will wrestle with the same root pathology. That’s because, left to ourselves, we all share the same religion as Osama Bin Laden. It isn’t Islam; it’s self-worship.
When one reads that by itself, you might be tempted to say, hey yeh sure, but we cannot ignore that there was more to Bin Laden than self-worship. He was we must admit deceived, there was demonic deception involved in his adherence to Islam.

Yet in his intriguing blog on 'Osama bin Laden and the Terror of Narcissism' Russell D Moore astutely draws our attention to one pathology we all share with Osama. Indeed it is self-worship.
In a time when it's easy to delight in the death of a wicked man, that earthly justice has been carried out, we are aptly reminded of our own sinfulness out of which we have been redeemed and that the Gospel is there for each and every person, like Osama, like me, like you, to hear, if we will but proclaim it.

In Christ,

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