Monday, February 11, 2013

John Dickson's oral tradition argument in relation to teach in 1 Tim 2:12

Just when I thought I was getting somewhere in the study of Hermeneutics for my study of Ricoeur, my friend Sean said I must read the latest booklet on 1 Tim 2:12 by John Dickson.

You can at present download it from Amazon, I actually was able to get the kindle free version which one can read in a kindle app that loads onto your PC.

You can get a fair appraisal of his argument over at Lionel Windsor's blog and there you will also read replies to it by John Dickson and critiques by Peter Bolt over on Mark Thompson's blog.
I will post my reply I put on Lionel's blog tomorrow. In a nutshell I just think that to claim teach in 1 Tim 2:12 is used by Paul in a technical sense of passing on the traditions of the apostles has no grounding in the historical investigation of oral traditions. John Dickson in my thinking offers a novel interpretation but has no evidence to justify it. But you can see my concerns and make up your own mind.

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