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An Outline for Preaching Luke chapters 9 -12

Luke an Outline chapters 9 -12

Important turning point in Luke's Gospel occurs with Peter’s declaration of Jesus as the Messiah, the Christ 9:21

The Jews had a warped understanding of the role of the Messiah as coming conquering King, largely Isaiah 1-39 whereas Jesus came as suffering servant Isaiah 40-66

Israel at the time believed their biggest problem was the Roman occupation, they looked for political redemption, but Jesus the Messiah came as spiritual redemption. Their biggest problem was sin.

SO 9:22 opposition coming from elders Priests and teachers of the law,

And this begins to be seen in 10:25 with the lawyer – a teacher of the law. Setting out to test Jesus.

But also central to what follows is 9:23 the Priorities Jesus gives Kingdom people, disciples of the King, and so Christians, To be a disciple of Jesus is to deny self and take up your cross daily = death to self and follow Jesus.

Leaving aside some passages and centering on only a few to show the development of the priorities, what it means to deny self and take up your cross daily.

a)    Transfiguration – “Listen to Him

b)    Cost of following Jesus 9:58f

c)    Good Samaritan 10:25f eternal life is the BIG issue of life, the big Question about life worth asking and answering. Good Samaritan is Who loves like this?, who is neighbourly, Who can love beyond measure, we cannot in our own strength. Jesus’ command to lawyer “Go and Do likewise” should have evoked question but how can I? The answer in Old Testament terms would have been “heart of flesh, not a heart of stone”  - is what God gives!

d)    Then story of Martha and Mary. Point is: what is the Priority when the time is short – Jesus about to die! So best thing – listen to Him. For us, life is short! Listen to Jesus.

e)    The passage on Prayer: Priority of talking to God. Notice 11:14. God will give His Holy Spirit – knowing what to say? empowering? Comforting?

f)     Demonic affliction – evidence the Kingdom of God has come near you ( in the King / Messiah Jesus ) 11:14-28

g)    etc.

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