Thursday, April 24, 2014

Approaching Easter differently as a Preacher

This Easter as I drove to Church for a another Easter Good Friday I reflected on how many times I have heard the same passage preached on at Easter with the Same application and how many others in the congregation are in the same boat.
It's not that I don't believe in repeating central truths of the Christian faith. I am all for repetition but I wonder if we are really laying it out for the regular visitor who only comes to Church at Christmas and Easter.

What if we preachers spent the first 5 minutes talking about the death of Jesus ( good Friday ) and the resurrection of Jesus ( Easter Sunday ) and then asked how does this work out in your life? Has this truth transformed you?

So that Jesus has transformed you. And we see this in our day to day living.

The fact of the death of Jesus means I can be right with God - so are you?
Are you then living His way and not running after your own agendas.

Likewise does the resurrection of Jesus, and the fact that then death is not the end changes things immensely.
more significantly than your relationships with spouse and children, your work, career, leisure, golf, music whatever?

Ok so here's a litmus test, you know to to see if a liquid is alkaline or acid we use litmus paper. Let's ask about our lives being dramatically different.
Well let's ask if our lives are worldly or transformed?

Do we meet each Sunday with God's people in church so we can hear the word of God preached and grow? To meet with his people so we can serve them with the gifts He God has given us? So we can encourage rebuke, exhort pray for, love.

Are we compelled to pick up His Word daily to study it to hear what He has to say as opposed to turning on the radio or our ipod or the Television to hear what the world says is the best?
What is it?

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