Saturday, April 18, 2009

And it's not just your thought

Isn't it mamazing how sometimes you think or say something and somebody else has already said the same thing?
When I am studying the bible and teaching it, I am greatly relieved? to sometimes later find that somebody else has made the same point, drawn the same conclusion, or inferred the same thing.
It's not that I thereby think I must be right, I could after all be wrong, but in the Community of believers with so many more gifted people than I it is encouraging and reassuring. A bit like you make the point in a bible study and someone pipes up that is essential what the NIV Study bible footnotes say. And I don't read those notes ever.
Still when somebody else has made a similar point I think it's good to point out this fact. After posting my last blog on One Flew over the Cuckoo's nest I did a google and found that Rich Deem had already used that as a title. You might like to read his points about Anthony Flew and the role of Intelligent Design in Flew's rejection of atheism.

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