Sunday, April 26, 2009

Who is in Church?

When we gather together on sundays or at any other time to hear God's Word preached, to worship in manifold ways our Great God, and to serve one another, who are gathered there?

Paul begins his letter to the Ephesians "to saints, who are in Ephesus and faithful in Christ Jesus" 1:1
It's their physical location, in Ephesus, and their spiritual location, faithful in Christ Jesus. They are made saints, holy, those whom God has set apart as special to himself, through their faith in Christ Jesus.
We find out more about these saints, when Paul speaks of the role of the pastor-teacher in Eph 4:11-12. Their work is "to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ."
So when we come together, when we gather as the body of Christ, we are primarily saints, called, set apart by God himself. Saints not as the Roman Catholic see them as some special person who has been designated so by the Papal Authorities. Someone who requires some authenticated miracle in order to become saints. No, we who are redeemed and transformed by god are saints. And these are some of the people the bible tells us, gathered together in "church".

Who is in Church? I hope you are one of the saints!
God Bless.

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