Monday, January 25, 2010

Hearing the mind of God, Genesis 1

How easy is it to sometimes get caught up in doctrinal issues without ponding what the Scriptures are saying?
It seems to me it's quite easy. Often we quickly see an important point but have failed to realise something even more significant.
Consider Genesis 1:26 "then God said, let us make man in our image.."
Something wonderful is happening here. Up until this moment we read, the repetitions "God said, .. and there was .. and God called ... and God saw that it was good." But now we read, "then God said, let us make man.." Here we don't merely have something special in that God creates man, but that he deliberates within the godhead about it!

We are reading about God deliberating what He will do! We are being told about the thought processes of God himself. We are hearing the mind of God.

Now I am not for one moment detracting from the fact that Scripture is God's Word. I am just saying that sometimes we jump immdeiately to saying things like "oh here's a verse that has the seed of the teaching about the Trinity in it." Or "Wow- we are made in God's image". But we fail to notice that here in this verse we are told of the deliberating of God about the making of man and it stands out from His previous acts of Creation.

Oh What a glorious God.


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