Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things to do soon

Hi all,
there's always something to occupy your time isn't there? I am winding up the estate of my mother at present and that takes up a large ammount of my time.
I heard a joke by the Marx Brother's recently about this.
"I am winding up my mother's estate, and it's taking a lot of my time, she had over 100 clocks"

Still we are in the process of building a new house and that is time consuming.

But what I must get on and do on my "to do" list are:
1. Write a piece on Ancient Near East cosmological views and comparison of the Bible's.
2. Write something more on Genesis 1 and Creation.
3. Write my sermon outline on Leviticus 2, and related to this investigate the hermeneutical principle that some are putting forth, those mainly moving in reformed circles, which says something along the lines that we interpret OT with Christ in mind. Some explain it this way "a hermeneutic that has as it's goal to trace every verse to its ultimate reference point: the cross of Christ."
Here we would need to consider what they mean by this? There's the need to consider texts such as How would you interpret Genesis 4, the Cain and Able Text with this hermeneutic? How would you interpret Leviticus 2? Consider Cain and Able, which unlike with Genesis 3:15 where one certainly sees a prophecy about the messiah, you understand it as showing the spread of sin and God's grace in challenging Cain not to sin but repent. We could say that this shows man's need for a saviour - which whilst true I doubt this should be the total focus of the application of the sermon on Genesis 4. Now there's some difficult questions to work through.

see you later

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