Sunday, January 24, 2010

Man evolving? Is He really

One of the famous cartoons of our era shows man evolving from and ape. But where is the evidence for this?
All around us in world we live in we see the opposite. We see decay, we see man acting immorally and with a corrupted mind. I don't deny the good acts that some people do sometimes, but the evidence of mankind plagued by sin is unavoidable.
If I neglect my garden the weeds soon appear, it doesn't evolve into a beautiful eden just by allowing more time, and it certainly won't become the manicured golf course of Augusta National in Georgia.
As we get older disease enters in and decay happens and our spine curves and shortens. You can ignore it for a time but face it you will.
Politicians are forever holding up education as the answer to mans problems, but education does not fix the problems of society or man, indeed it only makes man an educated sinner.
We daily are confronted with the young in our society who show such little regard for the life of others, where it becomes more common every day for some youth to kill and maime those around them. Is it no wonder when they have been raised on the religion of evolution, where they have been told that they have just arisen from the slime and are of no more value than dirt? If one has truly arisen from slime why worry that we return to slime?
It is the Creator God who gives meaning and value to everything, including you as a human being.
To God be the glory:

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